Day 4


-Bear Naked natural granola fruit and nuts- zero sodium- topped with sliced banana, small handful of home toasted pecans, 1/2 one oz. box of Cape Cod Cranberries (Sun-Maid brand- zero sodium; no red dye)

-Low sugar apple juice


-Encore (i.e. "leftover"):  Hamburger with sliced tomato, lettuce, no sodium ketchup and Ezeikiel* bread (see Day 3 Dinner)
-Carrot sticks with home made guacamole (see Day 2 for recipe)
-Fresh strawberries and grapes
-Unsalted tortilla chips (see Day 2 for product used)
-Diet Coke
*Nutrition facts label shows 0% sodium while the front of pkg says "low sodium"; this bread may contain small amt. of iodine; ok'd in small amounts by my husband's physician-remember, it's a LOW iodine diet- talk w/your physician about bread options; purchased at Whole Foods- freezer section.

-Edy's Fruit Real Fruit Bar-lime flavor


-Encore (i.e. "leftover") Chicken from Day 1 Dinner
-Wild rice (zero sodium- no seasonings) added 2 chopped green onions, garlic and dried herbs.  Also added ~1 tsp. olive oil
-Salad greens with chopped cucumber and tomato and fresh lime juice
-Dessert:  Microwave baked Granny Smith Apple with brown sugar, cinnamon and 1 tsp. non-sodium salt Fleischmann's margarize.  (To make this: I typically use one apple per person.  Core apple but, do not cut all the way through the apple bottom.  Fill cavity with brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped nuts, etc.  Bake in microwave for 2 1/2- 3 1/2 minutes- depending on the size of the apple and the number of apples being cooked at the same time.  Usually, serve with ice cream but, on LID- so no ice cream...still fast and delicious!

New Products Used Today

No sodium, no red dye.  Low sugar and low cal.

90  calories a box; zero sodium. No red dye.

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