Day 3


-2 slices of Ezekiel Low/No Sodium bread* toasted with unsalted/dairy free Fleischmann's margarine and strawberry jelly
-Fresh sliced fruit (banana, strawberries, green grapes)
-Apple juice

* Ezekiel bread nutrition facts label shows 0% sodium while the front of pkg says "low sodium"; this bread may contain small amt. of iodine; ok'd in small amounts by my husband's physician-remember, it's a LOW iodine diet- talk w/your physician about bread options; purchased at Whole Foods- freezer section.

-Bear Naked Natural Granola- fruit and nut (dry snack---zero sodium! Purchased at Wal-Mart.)
-Home toasted pecans with non-iodized salt
-Diet Coke


-Piece of fruit...and some more Bear Naked Natural Granola....not hungry.


-Hamburger patty (When I prepared Day 2 beef nachos, I made several hamburger patties and seasoned the same as the nachos.)
-Ezekiel bread* (cut slices into round "buns" and toasted), lettuce, tomato slices, no-salt ketchup
-Fresh potato chips with non-iodized salt, Bragg organic herb (salt-free) sprinkles and olive oil (Check out the link...made in the microwave in less than 5 minutes! Really crunchy and delicious!)
-Diet Coke
* Ezekiel Bread:  this bread may contain small amt. of iodine; ok'd in small amounts by my husband's physician-remember, it's a LOW iodine diet- talk w/your physician about bread options.

New Products Used Today:

(I plan to use each of these AFTER the LID!)

Salt-free and very flavorful.  Purchased at Whole Foods.  Great on chicken breasts, roasted veggies and microwave potato chips! 

Zero sodium; low sugar.  Delicious for dry snack or use as topping over fruit/oatmeal.  Purchased at Wal-Mart; also found in my neighborhood grocery store.

This No-Salt ketchup is tasty- we did not add extra salt.


  1. where did you find your unsalted/dairy free Fleischmann's margarine? I have looked at all my local stores :(

    1. Hi- I honestly can't remember but, most likely Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods or Whole Foods, or Wal-Mart- those are the stores I used for LID shopping. Since I did not photograph it - I'm really at a loss to remember.

      On the ConAgra site, you can search for stores that carry their products.
      Here is a link: Look for the Where to Buy button in the upper middle part of the web page.

      Another idea is to call your local grocery stores and ask if their carry unsalted sticks or tub margarine and if not, would they could order it for you. I know that different regions of the country have different grocery store chains- we are in the southeast.

      Good luck- wish you good health- Sonya

    2. This is from another Thyca patient and blogger- see her blog link on the right side of this blog page:
      "Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread Soy Free - NOTE: This does contain "natural salt" and several Inspire folks have talked to the manufacturer who state the salt is iodine-free. Please be aware that there are no laws and no FDA guidelines that would prevent them substituting iodized salt. However, it's likely very safe for the LID. Also, it MUST be the "Soy Free" variety."

  2. Hi Sonya - I wanted to take a moment to let you know your fabulous suggestions and "how-to's" made it into 2016! I was so bummed about having to do this ... and now I'll probably the first person in history to actually gain weight on an LID. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

    Maggie Simone

    1. Thanks Maggie- wishing you the best of health ♥ Sonya

    2. What did you make the burgers with?

  3. Can I have non dairy creamer with coffee