Day 15

-No breakfast allowed this morning- Lab work and tracer radioactive iodine dose this morning.

-Leftover roast/rice/green beans and fresh tomatoes (see Day 13 Dinner for details.)

-Sweet Potato & Beet Chips (zero% sodium) 100% delicious!  See photo below. Purchased at Fresh Market.
-Sliced GALA apple with natural peanut butter. 
-Diet Coke

-Final call- Pasta with homemade sauce (see Day 11 Dinner for ingredients)
-Mixed green salad with tomatoes and homemade balsamic dressing (see Day 11 Dinner for recipe)

New Products Used Today

Zero % sodium; gluten free full serving of veggies in every ounce; 160 calories/serving.  These are very tasty! Purchased at Fresh Market.

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