Day 10

-Late morning snack- did not want "breakfast" this morning- Bear Naked Natural Granola with added toasted pecans- eaten dry
-Diet Coke

-Giada's black bean and fresh corn salad over mixed salad greens (see Day 6 for recipe link)


-Edy's Real Fruit Bar- lime flavor

-Hamburger patty
-Ezekiel bread* (cut slices into round "buns" and toasted), lettuce, tomato slices, no-salt ketchup
-Fresh potato chips with non-iodized salt, Bragg organic herb (salt-free) sprinkles and olive oil (Check out the link...made in the microwave in less than 5 minutes! Really crunchy and delicious!)

*Ezekiel Bread: Nutrition facts label shows 0% sodium while the front of pkg says "low sodium"; this bread may contain small amt. of iodine; ok'd in small amounts by my husband's physician-remember, it's a LOW iodine diet- talk w/your physician about bread options; purchased at Whole Foods- freezer section.

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