Day 12


-Steel cut oats with brown sugar, cinnamon and handful of frozen blueberries and home toasted pecans-See Day 7 Breakfast entry- re-heated leftovers- worked great- no morning measuring or delays!  Click here for the recipe.  Used NO salt, no butter products and no milk.
-Low sugar apple juice

-Leftover pasta and sauce from Day 11 Dinner
-LID Snack Bars (see Day 11 Snack section for recipe)
-Diet Coke


- Banana
-Matzos crackers with sodium free natural peanut butter


-Mixed green salad with fresh tomatoes and sliced yellow sweet peppers and my homemade dressing (see Dinner Day 11 for recipe)
-Seared hamburger patty with grilled onions and Sugar Fire sauce (see photo below)
-Hash browns (see product picture below)

New Products Used Today

Sugar Fire Sauce- dessert sauce but, we have used it on grilled chicken, hamburger patties, etc.  Zero sodium- made from mango, papaya, oranges, Habanero peppers.  Purchased at Whole Foods.
Zero sodium frozen hash browns.  Purchased at Harris Teeter grocery store.

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